Selling Our Piano

We’ve inherited my mom’s piano, so we need to offload our current piano. For those interested, here are some specifics & photos.

For your consideration: 1930’s Sterling baby grand piano. Approximately 4’6″ wide by 4’9″ long. Perfect for a smaller home, and ideal for a family with piano students.

The action was rebuilt in 1995 by Lindeblad Piano Restoration. We purchased the piano from the original owner in June, 2019 and since that time has undergone regular tunings & maintenance.

Asking $800 your best reasonable offer.

Winds of Change…

Wow, so things are quite different around here lately. The last post on here is from February, 2013. It’s now October, 2018, and much has changed with the world.

To start, I’m no longer self-employed. I closed up shop last summer after losing the will to keep chasing clients for invoices (I’m not an accounting department), and having to hustle for work (I’m also not an sales/account guy). So I returned to what I really enjoyed, and that was just making websites.

I re-jiggered the old website here, going so far as to take WordPress 5 for a spin w/ Gutenberg and the new Twenty-Nineteen theme! I must say, I’m digging it so far 🙂

After playing with Gutenberg at work a bunch, I really got into it and I like the flow—it even inspired me to want to start writing again, hence the cleanup here. I’m going to try to touch on topics around work, life, web dev, and whatever else comes to mind.

Check out Nicholas’ Recipe!

Over on Take Back the Kitchen, the month of January is Kids’ Cooking Month, with a contest to get the 5 best kid-submitted recipes on TV at the end of the month. Since Nicholas is a foodie, it seems obvious that he’d have his own recipes for things. We submitted his future classic, Chicken Sabate.

I’ll post again when it’s time to get out the vote!

Where’d My Baby Go?

Thanks to our internet being out, I was forced to hit the Starbucks this AM to deliver some client work. Since I was out, I had the pleasure of picking up my 4YO from Pre-K.

It’s a considerably different feeling between seeing your oldest kid at school and your youngest kid at school. I mean, he’s just a baby! I guess I’m finally beginning to understand that sentiment that my mom spoke of as I (the youngest) was getting older an growing up.

But I still have a hard time seeing him as a bigger kid as opposed to being a baby. And I suppose I always will.

MedBase 1.1

The first update to my iOS app MedBase is now available on the iOS App Store. New features include the ability to share a list of medications via email attachment. This email attachment can then be opened by MedBase 1.1 or later to automatically import the new user into the app. I’ve also added the ability to print a medication list for a user.

Go check it out on the App Store and as always, if you dig it, please rate it on iTunes.

MedBase 1.0

Over the past few years, I’ve been trying to teach myself Objective-C and write an iPhone app. I finally sat down a few months ago and began, in earnest, working on an app idea I had. Today, I’m happy to announce the fruit of my labors: My first application, MedBase is available on the iOS App Store.

MedBase is a simple app that lets you keep track of medications that you and others are taking, but I learned a ton in the process about Objective-C, crazy C stuff like pointers, and the app review process itself. Now that I’ve done this, there are a few other ideas kicking around in my head that I’d like to bring to fruition.

In the meantime, if you take medications, or know someone who does, MedBase is a great way to keep track them and to keep that information with you. You can check it out on the AppStore. And if you like it, please rate it or leave a nice review.