Back Online

Funky NYCWell, it’s been a little while since I’ve had Internet at home, but we’re back now so I can provide updates.

There are new photos up on Flickr, which is what most people really want. We’re still getting out of boxes, although it’s a ton better than it was a week ago, that’s for sure! Otherwise, things are becoming normal again.

The commute is rather mellow…. usually a cup of GMCR from the Kings supermarket downstairs, then across the little park in the complex to the ferry. Ten minutes by boat and I’m on the 34th St. bus. Take that to the 5th Ave. stop, just past the Empire State Building, and walk 3 blocks uptown to 37th St. Swing into Au Bon Pain (ooh, good pain?) for some more coffee and then hit the button for 9. All told, it takes 30-40 minutes to get in which isn’t too bad considering it’s taken me that long to get home from the lab!

Hoboken’s a cool town. Not only was I born here, but it’s the birthplace of baseball and Frank Sinatra (among other things). I never realized it as a kid but the intersection of 11th and Washington Sts. (where the first baseball game was played) has a baseball diamond laid in the street with the bases at each corner. Hoboken’s small in area—only a square mile—which puts it on par with Winooski, VT for acreage. It’s got a population of 40,000+ which makes it bigger than Burlington. The whole town is easily walkable, and we’ve used the car once since we’ve gotten settled.

So far, things are cool, but I must hit the sack because that 8:20 ferry comes all too soon.