Wrangling Browsers

So, you’re probably well aware that IE 7 and Firefox 2 came out practically on the same day. I was hesitant about upgrading either (still haven’t upgraded FF at home yet), but finally broke down at work yesterday and did the deed.

Since IE has historically taken itself over with each upgrade, there have been sites out there that list standalone versions of IE. I got mine from evolt.org. While that was downloading, I copied my Firefox 1.5 directory to my desktop for safe keeping.

Now with a new copy of IE6 and a backed-up copy of Firefox 1.5, I was ready to do my updates. Downloading and installing these back to back actually took me about an hour, but the result was well worth it. After I finished the download & install process, I renamed my IE 6 standalone and Firefox 1.5 directories to something more descriptive like “ie6” and “Firefox 1.5” and dumped them back into my C:/Program Files/ directory (yes, I know… everything about that seems really really icky).

Next I created aliases on my desktop to all 4 browsers so I could easily find them when the time came (moments later). So my final desktop has shortcuts to IE6, IE7, Firefox 1.5, and Firefox 2 all in a row.

When it comes to using the IE’s, there’s actually nothing funky about it… launch one and launch the other.. Thus far, they haven’t conflicted for testing purposes, although I hear that IE 6 complains about cookies, etc. For testing of basic CSS issues (and let’s face, why else would you use IE6 than for testing purposes?!), it’s great.

Firefox 1.5 vs. 2 on the other hand is a little tricker. So far, I haven’t been able to run them both simultaneously. Fortunately, that’s not a huge deal, as Firefox 1.5 was already in pretty good shape and didn’t require their development team to attempt to fix thousands of bugs. The biggest annoyance really, is the fact that with every startup it asks to check for outdated extensions, and then bounces me to that “Firefox has been Updated” page. I guess if I removed the unused extensions from Firefox 1.5, the first problem would go away. Not sure about the second one, but it’s not really a problem and more of an annoyance.

Pictures of the boy over on Flickr, I like the Giants for the Super Bowl, and I really really miss my Mac (especially TextMate).