Culinary Delights

One of the really cool things about moving back home is the food. Now, I’m not talking about going to fancy restaurants (we haven’t gone to any fancy restaurants yet), but I’m talking about enjoying the regular everyday foods that I came to know and love as a kid.

For example, I finally knew I was home when I stopped into a deli/grocery on 6th Avenue between 35th & 36th streets and ordered myself a bacon & egg on a roll with coffee (and a combo cheaper than I had been used to back in Vermont). With the first bite of well-done (not burnt, but well-done) bacon and freshly fried egg sandwiched between two halves of a soft roll, I knew I was home.

Another longtime favorite that I hadn’t had in any decent proportion since moving away thirteen years ago was anything from a good kosher deli, and particularly a pastrami on rye that’s bigger than your head with fries and a pickle. Mmm mmm good. Recently, my associate Ben and I stopped into a place on Broadway that served this very thing. Man, that pile of pastrami a few inches tall, warm & steamy, between two slices of tasty rye bread with a little mustard is so smooth going down, it’s unbelievable.

And how could I neglect to mention the mortadella, roasted pepper, and fresh mozzarella sandwich I got at Lisa’s deli in Hoboken last weekend? For those unaware, mortadella is the cured meat of Bologna, Italy. You’ve probably had the German version, aptly named bologna, but mortadella is so much more than bologna. The mortadella is larger in diameter than bologna (so you can pile more of it on a sandwich) and it usually has pistachios and peppercorns embedded in it before the curing process. Add to that the sweet roasted peppers, and the creamy fresh mozzarella, on a soft but crusty loaf of Italian bread, and that my friend, is flavor sphere.

At some point soon, maybe I’ll compile a list of my favorite places to enjoy the simplest of foods.