Hey, what’s goin’ on on this side?

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything up here, and that’s because I’ve been insanely busy. For the record, if you work alone and get three project requests in the same short span of time, I don’t recommend saying yes to all three of them. But of course, you don’t know if they’re actually all going to land, so you have to say yes!


It’s been a little nuts around headquarters lately. Fortunately, one of those three has been completed, and another got put on hold by the client due to the fact that no one really knew what was going on, so that’s left me with full time to devote to the most difficult of the three.

Either way, looking to launch this one in a couple of weeks, and then back to pick up where I left off on the one that was put on hold (which is now back on track and back in progress).

Hoping that’s not the 5:45 out of Penn shining bright at the other end of the tunnel.