Disney World: Day 4

We took the kids to Disney World in March for Nicholas’ sixth birthday. If you have the opportunity to do a kid’s birthday in Disney World, I highly recommend it. Below is the fourth part in a series of each day of our adventure. You can see the other posts here.

After a quick breakfast at Captain Cook’s, Hastings picked us up at 9:00. After hearing about Tommy’s stuffed Big Puppy on Saturday, he arrived with a stuffed Pluto for Tommy, which Tommy absolutely loved. We promptly headed off to Hollywood Studios to check out the Toy Story ride. This is one of Disney’s most popular attractions. It’s a 3D shooter of sorts, in which your car stops at a number of carnival games. Your gun changes from shooting tennis balls to baseballs, to confetti and is really done quite well.

Hastings checked on the meeting times for Mater and McQueen from Cars, and it turns out they were available, so we headed over there to see them. Tommy got scared by McQueen’s engine, but Nicholas was brave enough to hang for pictures with each of them.

Nicholas shooing Mater & McQueen
Nicholas shooing Mater & McQueen

We headed back to Toy Story again, but Tommy still didn’t want to give it a shot, so Katie went on with Nicholas. On our way out at 9:45-ish AM, I noticed the FastPass times for that ride was 4:30 – 5:30 PM.

With the only good things for kids as sensitive as Tommy and Nicholas knocked out at the Studios, we headed over to EPCOT. After driving around behind the whole World Showcase area, We parked behind the Seas. We saw Turtle Talk with Crush, which is really pretty cool, although the boys didn’t want to sit in the special kids area. After that, we headed over to ride the clamshells through the aquarium. I expected this to be a little longer with more time looking at the aquarium, but alas, it was pretty short. Apparently, Disney is adding the Seas with Nemo technology to the interior staterooms on the Disney cruise lines. Since those rooms can’t have portholes, they will be equipped with live feeds from under the water and then Nemo and Dori will be superimposed onto the feed.

Nicholas in the mouth of a shark

After enjoying some more of the aquarium, we had lunch in the Land building. All of the food here is fresh, and nothing is fried, which was a nice departure for Disney world. Nicholas and I shared the seared tuna with Asian noodles, Katie had a roasted beet salad with goat cheese, and Tommy enjoyed the mac & cheese.

After lunch, it was time to ride the Land attraction, taking us on a tour of the history of agriculture. Tommy liked to see the old-time farm and even the modern “farmers” working in the crop area where they grow lots of the food for use in the Disney restaurants.

Across the pavilion from the Land ride is Soarin’. We tried to convince Tommy to hang with Hastings while Katie, Nicholas and I rode Soarin’, but he wouldn’t have it. Alas, Nicholas, Hastings and I rode. I was concerned Nicholas may chicken out or get sick on the ride, but he didn’t – in fact, he absolutely loved it! It’s a really cool ride and very well done.

After leaving the Land, we headed next door for Journey into the Imagination with Figment. I recall this being a really fun ride, but it didn’t seem the same, even after they brought Figment back. Nonetheless, the kids enjoyed it, so that was good.

Next, we headed on to Mexico to ride the Three Caballeros ride, which Tommy really enjoyed. I think he liked the fact that around every corner was another huge TV with Donald Duck on it. Next, we stopped for a quick ice cream to tide everyone over for the walk back to Spaceship Earth. Nicholas loved Spaceship Earth, maybe just for the fact that we got to go inside of the huge ball.

Spaceship Earth marked the end of our time at EPCOT for the day, and the end of our time with Hastings. He drove us back to the Polynesian and we went our separate ways. Using the VIP Tours at Disney World may be expensive, but when you consider how much you can do in a given day, you can condense several days into one. Further, because they pick you up and drop you off at your hotel, you can stay further out at a much less expensive hotel and not have to worry about catching buses to get around. Factor in the savings of a budget hotel, and you could probably get away with an amazing VIP experience for around the same price as staying longer at one of the Deluxe hotels.

Tommy Splashing Around

We got settled back in the room for a few minutes, then threw on our bathing suits for some pool time. Nicholas and I detoured to the marina and took out a SeaRaycer for a half hour, taking a spin around the Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake. I used to love taking those out in the afternoon when my dad would take a nap in the hotel, and Nicholas had a great time seeing the area from the water.

Nicholas and I with cake

After we docked, we headed back to the pool for a refreshing swim. and then headed back to the room to get ready for dinner. Dinner this evening was back in EPCOT at Les Chefs de France. We started with the cheese plate and the pate & charcuterie. Nicholas thoroughly enjoyed the pates and the cheeses. We followed that with salmon for Katie, the tenderloin of beef for myself, and Nicholas and Tommy had a burger and pasta with chicken, respectively. I neglected to mention that we’d like a cake for Nicholas, so they didn’t have it prepared, but the waiter brought a slice of chocolate mousse cake with a candle in it for Nicholas, so we were covered there.

Next, we headed for stroll around World Showcase, although we didn’t really get a chance to see much, as the lights were beginning to go down ahead of the Illuminations: Reflections of Earth fireworks show. We found ourselves a spot near the United States pavilion for the show, but had to abandon our post shortly after it began because it was just too loud for the boys. So, we hightailed it back to the monorail station for the ride back to the TTC, and then on to the hotel. However, when we got back to the TTC, Katie and Nicholas wanted to go to the Magic Kingdom, so we jumped onto the express and headed that way. Tommy was asleep in the stroller, but the plan was to head up to Peter Pan, which we didn’t get to ride yet. When we got to the Magic Kingdom, however, I checked the Lines app and it showed FastPass time for Peter Pan was 2:30 AM, and Nicholas decided he wanted to just go back to the hotel. So, we hopped over to the Resort monorail and headed back to the Poly for bed.

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