Winds of Change…

Wow, so things are quite different around here lately. The last post on here is from February, 2013. It’s now October, 2018, and much has changed with the world.

To start, I’m no longer self-employed. I closed up shop last summer after losing the will to keep chasing clients for invoices (I’m not an accounting department), and having to hustle for work (I’m also not an sales/account guy). So I returned to what I really enjoyed, and that was just making websites.

I re-jiggered the old website here, going so far as to take WordPress 5 for a spin w/ Gutenberg and the new Twenty-Nineteen theme! I must say, I’m digging it so far 🙂

After playing with Gutenberg at work a bunch, I really got into it and I like the flow—it even inspired me to want to start writing again, hence the cleanup here. I’m going to try to touch on topics around work, life, web dev, and whatever else comes to mind.