Back at UVM, I took a film course and the first assignment was ‘a day in the life’. My life at the time involved working on a dairy farm, helping out in a research project on dairy cattle, and playing music with friends. This is what I cobbled together for that assignment. Mondayne from Rob […]

I’m Really Not a Cat Person

Not in the least bit. When Katie chose to adopt her friend’s cat in 1998 or so, I figured “oh, that’s nice”. No one warned me of the itchy, burning eyes. No one mentioned the endless river of snot dribbling out my nose. I never heard about the fact that cats are attracted to those […]

So, you need a font.. Flowchart?

So, you need a font.. Flowchart? I may give this a shot next time I need to do me some designing. Beats these alternatives: All fonts starting with A or B (or Z or Y) Using Italia for Italian restaurants Using a font whose name matches a word in the company (University, Futura, Comic) via […]

My Super-Budget iPad Stand

As I was waiting for my iPad to arrive last weekend, my mind was racing in numerous different directions about what it would be like, what I’d use it for, and how I would show it off the next day when my whole family was over for Easter dinner. While I never figured out the […]

iPad Orientation CSS

iPad Orientation CSS This is fantastic; Safari for iPad supports landscape and portrait orientation in media queries so you can deliver CSS targeted to a particular orientation, say a stacked layout vs. a 2-column layout. And you don’t even need an iPad to actually take advantage of it! Via Cameron Moll

Biking to School

This morning, Nicholas woke me up and reminded me that last night I told him that today we would practice riding our bikes to school so that we knew how long it would take us in the mornings after vacation was over. So, that’s just what we did today. It took about 25 minutes, the […]