links for 2009-10-04

Font Squirrel | Download Hundreds of Free @font-face Fonts ooh, free! (tags: @font-face free fonts webdev typography webdesign design css web resource download css3) The Art of zen-coding: Bringing Snippets to a New Level – Monday By Noon Oh man… it's like using jQuery to make Textmate do things. (tags: web development programming tools productivity […]

links for 2009-09-24

Google Chrome Frame Ten thousand DHTML layers of awesome just overlaid the universe in sixteen million shades of RGBA with border-radius, box-shadowy bliss. (tags: internetexplorer googlechrome plugins html5 web development javascript html css webdesign microsoft plugin) The Best Designs – The Best Flash and CSS Web Design Gallery Collection of the "best designs" from around […]

links for 2009-08-18

Maker's Schedule, Manager's Schedule I think places that require both kinds of schedules mandate that "management" types schedule their meetings with "'makers" all on a given day (or two if need-be). That way makers can rely on having one (maybe two) days blown apart with meetings and leaving the rest of the time for unadulterated […]

NY Giants 2009 Schedule

Here it is, this year’s iCal formatted Giants scheudle: webcal:// As with past seasons, NBC owns the right to move games around during the second half of the season to suit their prime time viewing needs. These games typically aren’t updated on the Giants ghetto downloadable schedule, so they won’t be updated here. Check local […]