Vote for Nicholas!

So, a few weeks back, I told you about Nicholas’ Chicken Sabate recipe. Now it’s time to get out the vote. You have until Friday, 2/5/12 to vote for Chicken Sabate on the Montclair Patch site. Let’s get this kid on TV, so vote early and vote often! Vote for Chicken Sabate.

Where’d My Baby Go?

Thanks to our internet being out, I was forced to hit the Starbucks this AM to deliver some client work. Since I was out, I had the pleasure of picking up my 4YO from Pre-K. It’s a considerably different feeling between seeing your oldest kid at school and your youngest kid at school. I mean, […]

MedBase 1.0

Over the past few years, I’ve been trying to teach myself Objective-C and write an iPhone app. I finally sat down a few months ago and began, in earnest, working on an app idea I had. Today, I’m happy to announce the fruit of my labors: My first application, MedBase is available on the iOS […]