Zamzar – Free online file conversion

So, I received a bunch of files the other day that I had no application that could read them. Honestly, receiving these files took me back a good many years, and I began looking for clunky “viewers” that would let me open these files to read the content.

Then I came across Zamzar, which can convert all sorts of wacky file types to other more modern, readable file types.

You upload your files and plug in your email address, and when they’re done converting, they send you an email with a link to download the files individually, or as a zip. Fantastic.

Zamzar – Free online file conversion.

Hippie Motherlode!

Wow.. In looking for a downloadable copy of Today in Phish History (4/6/92, one of my favorite tapes of all time), I came across a link from that I had never come across before: the Phish Downloads Spreadsheet.

Back in the olden days when I used to tape shows and trade tapes over listservs, I used to peruse people’s tape lists and see if they had some nugget I was looking for. Then things began going more and more digital, and then the band began selling their own shows on CD (and now digitally literally hours after the show has finished), and taping has sort of become a thing of the past. Listening, however, is still here and now, and now that I’ve found this ridiculous treasure trove of memories, I can dig in to some juicy tidbits that left when I gave away all my analog tapes in 2006.


The fam and I took a ton of photos over the weekend (more on that forthcoming), but neither Katie’s nor Nicholas’ cameras had been adjusted for daylight savings time. Consequently, lots of photos turned up out of order, like when I was taking a picture of Nicholas taking a picture, his photo should have been in sequence with mine, but they were an hour apart in iPhoto.

Enter Phil Harvey’s ExifTool to the rescue. ExifTool is a PERL library with a command-line interface that lets you read EXIF data from photos and write EXIF data back to photos (among a ton of other things). What made it awesome here was the Date/Time Shift feature that allows you to update any aspect of the creation date (month/day/year, hour/minute/second) on a directory of images.

So, by copying the images to a new directory, and then running exiftool -AllDates+=1 ./ on that new directory, I had all 205 of those images updated in one fell swoop. That’s awesome.