Layer Styles

Layer Styles made its way around the interwebs today. This is really pretty cool and something I had thought about trying to pull off a couple years ago. My thought was “wouldn’t it be cool if you had an interface that would let you work in CSS effects, and then output the styles for you?”. […]

iPad Orientation CSS

iPad Orientation CSS This is fantastic; Safari for iPad supports landscape and portrait orientation in media queries so you can deliver CSS targeted to a particular orientation, say a stacked layout vs. a 2-column layout. And you don’t even need an iPad to actually take advantage of it! Via Cameron Moll

Creating a Tabbed Interface with CSS and jQuery

Here’s a piece I put together recently for a client who wanted a tabbed interface on one of their pages. My goal in doing it was to make it as accessible and semantic as possible. One requirement I gave myself was to NOT use redundant elements (like one list for the tabs, and another for […]

Everybody Get Nekkid!

I’m gearing up for CSS Naked Day on Thursday, and I can’t wait. So far, there’s over 650 of us that will be shedding their CSS coverings and baring all of our black Times on white for all to see. Maybe I’ll go to work wearing nothing but my -9999px; shirt. Maybe they’ll send me […]

A Table-Less Product Grid

Since switching from the written content-heavy world of academia to the more photo and data-driven world of retail, I’ve been inundated with tables. There’s really nothing new about this— tables have been the web designer’s best friend since 1996. But as the web matures, we’re realizing that tables needn’t be (and shouldn’t be) used for […]