So, you need a font.. Flowchart?

So, you need a font.. Flowchart? I may give this a shot next time I need to do me some designing. Beats these alternatives: All fonts starting with A or B (or Z or Y) Using Italia for Italian restaurants Using a font whose name matches a word in the company (University, Futura, Comic) via […]

Wear Fake News!

Perusing the Interwebs and 37Signals’ SVN blog pointed me toward the CNN Headline T-shirt store, with a note about how you could hijack the URL to make your own funny headlines. Well, here’s a bookmarklet to make life easier for you: Wear Fake News! Drag the link above into your browser’s toolbar and have fun […]


I love it when you see ads that are contrary to the content in question. I was just trolling the old InterWeb during my last Dr. Is In shift when I came across a piece on CNet about the Microsoft Zune:

Windows Vista?

This has got to be one of the best Windows Vista demos I’ve seen. You really get a great sense of the ease with which the consumer can do things on a Windows PC. It’s amazing what they can do with computers nowadays. And Microsoft has now given the user the confidence that their photos […]


iTP Originally uploaded by stevemcghee. This is so perfect. I was actually just thinking yesterday, how perfect it would be if I had a way to charge and/or listen to my iPod whilst dooking. Thank God for this contrabulous fabtraption!