Winds of Change…

Wow, so things are quite different around here lately. The last post on here is from February, 2013. It’s now October, 2018, and much has changed with the world. To start, I’m no longer self-employed. I closed up shop last summer after losing the will to keep chasing clients for invoices (I’m not an accounting […]

Where’d My Baby Go?

Thanks to our internet being out, I was forced to hit the Starbucks this AM to deliver some client work. Since I was out, I had the pleasure of picking up my 4YO from Pre-K. It’s a considerably different feeling between seeing your oldest kid at school and your youngest kid at school. I mean, […]

I’m Really Not a Cat Person

Not in the least bit. When Katie chose to adopt her friend’s cat in 1998 or so, I figured “oh, that’s nice”. No one warned me of the itchy, burning eyes. No one mentioned the endless river of snot dribbling out my nose. I never heard about the fact that cats are attracted to those […]

Biking to School

This morning, Nicholas woke me up and reminded me that last night I told him that today we would practice riding our bikes to school so that we knew how long it would take us in the mornings after vacation was over. So, that’s just what we did today. It took about 25 minutes, the […]

Going Forth

Well, it’s been a while since I made an update around here. Sorry about that to anyone who still comes by, or has a brown line in their feed reader (hopefully it’s not brown anymore!). As always, I continually hope to post more around here, and I think now I may be able to change […]

Fare Thee Well

Today was Rob Maurizi’s last day at Fry. He wishes you well in your future endeavors. Should you need to schedule lunch or drinks or discuss the merits of web standards and all things Apple, please email him at or call xxx-xxx-xxxx. See y’all at Blaggards.

Did I Miss a F*n Memo?

I’m pissed. What the hell happened to my TV? I don’t mean the actual box, but the institution known as television. The Christmas season is one of my favorite times of year for many reasons, but primarily because it’s Christmas. If you can’t understand that then that’s your problem.

Updates All Around

Okay, so I promised the other day that I’d put something up here soon, so here goes. There’s a lot going on. First, it’s September 11th. I didn’t physically live in the New York Tri-State Area six years ago, but I do know a lot of people who did. However, when I saw the Deutsche […]


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Culinary Delights

One of the really cool things about moving back home is the food. Now, I’m not talking about going to fancy restaurants (we haven’t gone to any fancy restaurants yet), but I’m talking about enjoying the regular everyday foods that I came to know and love as a kid.