Where’d My Baby Go?

Thanks to our internet being out, I was forced to hit the Starbucks this AM to deliver some client work. Since I was out, I had the pleasure of picking up my 4YO from Pre-K.

It’s a considerably different feeling between seeing your oldest kid at school and your youngest kid at school. I mean, he’s just a baby! I guess I’m finally beginning to understand that sentiment that my mom spoke of as I (the youngest) was getting older an growing up.

But I still have a hard time seeing him as a bigger kid as opposed to being a baby. And I suppose I always will.

I’m Really Not a Cat Person

Not in the least bit. When Katie chose to adopt her friend’s cat in 1998 or so, I figured “oh, that’s nice”. No one warned me of the itchy, burning eyes. No one mentioned the endless river of snot dribbling out my nose. I never heard about the fact that cats are attracted to those who don’t want them around like some sort of living torture device.

I’m a dog person. I grew up with dogs, I can understand dogs, I can relate to dogs. In college, I studied wolves and I believed that I was a canid in a past life. However, at the time, I never acquired a dog because I never felt I was responsible enough to take care of a living creature. And that was okay because two of my roommates got dogs, and the countless hippies who migrated through my apartments had dogs as well. All was okay.

And then the cat arrived.

She sleeps on my head at night. She lies on my arms while I try to type at my computer. She takes my seat at the dinner table. She commandeers any piece of furniture that should be kept hairless and scratch-free. I wake up in the night to see her staring at me. And when she sees my eyes open, she head-butts me. Listen, cat, I’m trying to sleep, okay?

But she is cute and she’s part of the family, so what can you do, right?

Biking to School

This morning, Nicholas woke me up and reminded me that last night I told him that today we would practice riding our bikes to school so that we knew how long it would take us in the mornings after vacation was over.

So, that’s just what we did today. It took about 25 minutes, the longest part of which was getting up the first little bit of hill around the corner from our house. After that it was relatively smooth sailing, although he insisted on stopping a block from school when he heard the train coming so that he could turn around and watch.

After lunch, he asked me what day it was and I said “Wednesday”. Then he counted off the days until Monday and said “I can’t wait until Monday so we can ride to school!”

Neither can I.

Going Forth

Well, it’s been a while since I made an update around here. Sorry about that to anyone who still comes by, or has a brown line in their feed reader (hopefully it’s not brown anymore!). As always, I continually hope to post more around here, and I think now I may be able to change that, for, today begins a journey into self-employed-dom. I’ll be leaving my post at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia in about a month or so and will be making a full-time effort of things over at RHM Interactive.

This certainly isn’t something that I’m doing on a whim. Ask any previous full-time employer that I’ve had and they’ll all tell you that during evaluations and exit interviews, the one theme that’s been a constant, has been my drive toward someday running my own web design/development business. I’ve gained a lot of experience and insight working for those people, and now it’s time to put that experience to use. I’m very excited that what was once just a dream, a plan, an idea, is now becoming a reality and I’m looking forward to being able to work on a host of interesting projects.

What kind of projects will I be doing do you say? Well, my 9-5 focus over the last three-and-a-half years has been client-side code: HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I expect I’ll still be doing a bunch of that going forward, but I also plan on doing some other fun stuff like UI design and back-end coding. I hope to venture out into Objective-C/CocoaTouch land to develop some iPhone application ideas that have been rolling around in my head, and I plan to move this site over to a new platform to force myself to learn a new CMS.

That said, I’m looking to post more here about my adventures as a self-employed HTML Jockey, so keep an eye on your feed reader or Twitter as things progress. Obviously, when the time comes, I’ll be kicking up more dust over at RHM Interactive, and that Twitter account, as well.

Now, where’d I put my parachute?

Fare Thee Well

Today was Rob Maurizi’s last day at Fry. He wishes you well in your future endeavors.

Should you need to schedule lunch or drinks or discuss the merits of web standards and all things Apple, please email him at xxx@xxx.xxx or call xxx-xxx-xxxx.

See y’all at Blaggards.

Updates All Around

Okay, so I promised the other day that I’d put something up here soon, so here goes. There’s a lot going on.

First, it’s September 11th. I didn’t physically live in the New York Tri-State Area six years ago, but I do know a lot of people who did. However, when I saw the Deutsche Bank building burning from my apartment a few weeks ago, I realized just how crazy it must’ve been then.

Here’s to those who are no longer with us. Here’s to those who risked their lives, and here’s to those who survived.

Second, there’s the family incrementation subroutine that’s been running and should finally timeout in November. Katie’s been feeling well, but we don’t have any names picked out yet and I get the sense that that’s going to bite us in the @$$ when the time comes.

On top of that, we bought a house and we are all moved in we should be moved in by Oct. 1 we decided to re-do the kitchen and baths and will remain renting until we can move in, hopefully near Christmas. With any luck, we’ll be moved out of Hoboken by October 1.

FWIW, I highly recommend NOT attempting to relocate, have a baby and buy a house inside a year and a half.

In other news, there’s a reboot of this here site in the works so stay tuned for that. That’s always my catalyst to keep writing (can you call this writing? I guess it’s more or less banter), but this time I’d like to try to post more tutorials and helpful snippets featuring HTML, CSS and jQuery. I’m also looking into some other fun features, but we’ll see what happens.

In the meantime, tomorrow holds a meeting with the kitchen designer followed by a visit to a rental house. All while estimating how long it would take to make an international coffee site owned by a multi-national corporation standards-complaint.




	$Maurizi = Array();
	$Maurizi[0] = Array("Rob","dad");
	$Maurizi[1] = Array("Katie","mom");
	$Maurizi[2] = Array("Nicholas","son");
	$Maurizi[3] = Array(); 
	/* TODO: populate this when we know more,
		probably some time in early November */


or if you prefer Javascript…

<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">
	var Maurizi = new Array();
	Maurizi[0] = new Array("Rob","dad");
	Maurizi[1] = new Array("Katie","mom");
	Maurizi[2] = new Array("Nicholas","son");
	Maurizi[3] = new Array(); 
	/* TODO: populate this when we know more,
		probably some time in early November */