Back Online

Well, it’s been a little while since I’ve had Internet at home, but we’re back now so I can provide updates. There are new photos up on Flickr, which is what most people really want. We’re still getting out of boxes, although it’s a ton better than it was a week ago, that’s for sure! […]

Let the Games Begin!

It’s official. I’ve given notice at UVM and begin work with Fry, Inc. on October 2, 2006. What was once sort of a dream is becoming a full-fledged reality. I’m reminded of the scene from Annie Hall in which Alvy & Annie are at Tony Lacey’s party and we overhear a snippet of a conversation: […]

Over the Weekend

So, I found this in my brain’s internal spam folder this morning… Not sure how it wound up there: From: Legs To: Brain Subject: WTF?! So, what the hell, man? I mean, sure… we can go to the gym and all… a mile here on the treadmill is cool.. Even a few on the bikepath […]

Brief Hiatus

Well, maybe not brief, but in the context of hiati (is that the plural of hiatus?), 2-1/2 weeks is probably brief. Anyway, we are recently returned from our mammoth 2-1/2-week roadtrip to visit family of all sorts. And, herein lies the rub. I don’t like having to utilize all of my vacation time to see […]

Little Man Update

So, it’s been a long time since there’s been a real update regarding Nicholas and his goings-on. In fact, I don’t think I’ve posted ANYTHING about him on the new site here yet (everything you see is from the old blog), so here you go (in a chronologically-themed order): Nicholas is tiny. For a while […]

Birthday Cake 2006

Here’s the cake that Katie made for me this year. I knew she was to be my wife when she made me my first birthday cake back in June, 1998, as this also marked the return of celebratory birthdays to my life. This year’s cake was a yellow cake with chocolate butter-cream frosting and the […]