Regarding the DMV

On this last day of 30, I headed on up to the DMV to renew my license as it expires at midnight tonight. I’ve got three words for you: TEN MINUTES FLAT. Well, maybe even less. I couldn’t believe it actually. I rolled into a somewhat crowded parking lot with a few hours to spare […]

My Own Summer of Code

Well, maybe more like the Summer of George, but I’ve decided to go on my own Summer of Code and learn Python. The choice was between Perl, Ruby, and Python. I wanted to learn something that I could use for web application development as well as standalone/GUI Mac application development. After some research and fact-finding, […]

GTD (again)

It’s not necessarily a nervous breakdown, per se, but when things begin to pile up, people start coming undone. I’ve always had the problem that when things build up in my life and don’t get dealt with, they take me over and I shut down. I think most people succumb to this on some level. […]