The fam and I took a ton of photos over the weekend (more on that forthcoming), but neither Katie’s nor Nicholas’ cameras had been adjusted for daylight savings time. Consequently, lots of photos turned up out of order, like when I was taking a picture of Nicholas taking a picture, his photo should have been in sequence with mine, but they were an hour apart in iPhoto.

Enter Phil Harvey’s ExifTool to the rescue. ExifTool is a PERL library with a command-line interface that lets you read EXIF data from photos and write EXIF data back to photos (among a ton of other things). What made it awesome here was the Date/Time Shift feature that allows you to update any aspect of the creation date (month/day/year, hour/minute/second) on a directory of images.

So, by copying the images to a new directory, and then running exiftool -AllDates+=1 ./ on that new directory, I had all 205 of those images updated in one fell swoop. That’s awesome.

Flickr vs. Photocasting

So, I think it might be time to head back over to Flickr. The iPhoto photocasting feature seems pretty cool, but it’s still somewhat limited in how it handles itself.

Flickr knows who’s who when someone logs in, so it can identify you as friend, family, foe, or freak, and display photos accordingly. All a photocast can do is use a username & password or not. What a PITA when it comes to sharing photos with a select group of people.

So, I plan, from this day forth, to use Flickr for all of my photo sharing needs. Now it’s up to you (you know who you are, but you don’t read this blog anyway, so I’m typing into a vacuum at this point) to use Flickr to see my pix :-D

My (our) flickr handle is “katieandrob”

That is all.